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If you are facing a DUI charge, we will FIGHT TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS.

A DUI charge in Illinois can potentially bring high fines, jail time, and the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. If you have been arrested or charged with DUI, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel. At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, our attorneys know how to protect your rights and defend you against a DUI prosecution.

Our DUI attorneys, Peter Wise, Fred Schlosser and Todd Goebel, have more than 65 years combined experience in representing citizens accused of crimes. We have handled jury trials, bench trials, and appeals. Whether your DUI is a first offense or whether you are charged with Reckless Homicide/Aggravated DUI, we will be your strongest advocate in court.

An excellent DUI Attorney KNOWS THE LAW.

Drunk-driving defense is a complex and technical area of the law. Prior to stopping you, the police must have probable cause to pull you over. If the police did not have probable cause, it is possible to have the entire case thrown out.

After the police pull you over, they will ask you to step out of your car, and they will tell you they want you to complete a series of “tests.” The officer will tell you these tests will determine whether you are “safe to drive.” Really, the police are trying to collect evidence to use against you later in court. Our DUI attorneys have copies of the police officers’ training manuals, so we will know whether the officers conducted the tests the right way. We can debunk the myth that these roadside agility tests prove anything about whether a person is truly under the influence.

After the police arrest you, they will ask you to take a breath, blood or urine test to determine your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC. Just because a breath or blood test result is over the legal limit of 0.08, do not assume that your case is hopeless. While every case is different, and past results do not guarantee future outcomes, we have been successful in negotiating with prosecutors in having DUI charges reduced or dismissed outright, even in cases with BACs that are above 0.08. We have also helped our clients earn a NOT GUILTY verdict, even when the police claimed that the BAC was well above the legal limit.

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