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Planning for you and you loved ones is important. Allow us to assist.

We all know that unanticipated events, such as a sudden illness or death, can create great stress and uncertainty. Disputes may arise between loved ones who are unsure of what an ill or deceased individual “would have wanted” in a particular situation. Issues of the greatest importance to that individual, such as selecting a caretaker for the individual’s children, the decision to stop or continue life-sustaining treatment, and the division of assets, can be determined with little or no input from him or her.

At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, we understand the importance and the impact that these issues can have on our clients and their loved ones. We pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with our clients, and treating them, and their wishes, with the utmost care and dignity. We do not rest until our clients’ wishes are fully explored, addressed, and memorialized in a will or other planning document.

Should a client have an existing will or other document, such as a power of attorney, we can help explain the effects that those papers have. Where appropriate, we are eager to assist our clients change or update their planning documents to ensure that our client’s wishes are properly carried out.

Handling the care or assets of a loved one can be confusing. We can help you make sense of it.

If you have been selected to take care of an individual or their assets, you are likely aware of the importance attached to your role. However, you may not be aware of the laws in place that govern what you can, cannot, and must do in order to successfully complete your duty.

At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, we are ready and able to advise those who have accepted, or have been selected, to serve as an executor or guardian. We take time to meet with our clients and obtain a detailed understanding of their particular situation. We ensure that our clients understand the laws and regulations that affect their position, and then we help them complete the tasks that are set out for them. We understand that time and financial pressures can arise during a guardianship or an administration of an estate, and we strive to find time- and cost-effective plans for our clients.

Concerns or disputes about a loved one, or their estate, can be difficult and frustrating. We can help you put it right.

Disputes concerning an individual’s treatment of a loved one, or their assets, can become personal and heated. An administrator or guardian can neglect or disregard their responsibilities, which can cause additional harm or conflict. We provide committed and zealous representation for our clients, and are not afraid to stand up in court to protect our clients’ interests. Unlike many law firms who concentrate their practice in wills and estate planning, we have experience in cases where things have gone awry and we have the litigation skills to fight for our clients rights in the courtroom. We have successfully defended contested wills and have tried cases where a fraudulent will was presented in an attempt to deny our clients’ their rightful inheritance. Lawsuits regarding the wrongful conduct of executors and trustees have become a particular area of expertise at Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel. In all probate litigations, a willingness in getting to know our clients and family on personal basis is often a key to success.

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