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We take your injury claims personally.

We know that an unexpected injury or even death can change the course of many lives. We understand that injured individuals and families are vulnerable to exploitation due to mounting bills and a lack of income, and that they often settle for less than they deserve. We have seen public relation campaigns funded by insurance companies, large corporations, and misinformed medical advisors that are intended to further prevent injured individuals from recovering their adequate compensation. Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel is proud to stand up for injured individuals to ensure they receive full and fair compensation for damages caused by another’s negligent or wrongful conduct.

We will fight for you every step of the way.

At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, you will be represented by a lawyer—from start to finish. We are champions for our clients. Our attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to ensure that our clients rights are fully protected and their interests are fully promoted. We leave no stone unturned to maximize the recovery for our clients. We will conduct thorough investigations, interview witnesses, work with medical and financial experts, appear at depositions, and advocate relentlessly throughout the litigation process. Attorneys for insurance companies do not intimidate us, and trials do not scare us. We will fight to achieve full and fair compensation for your injuries. You deserve no less.

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At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, we generally take personal injury cases on a contingency basis. That means that if we are not able to obtain compensation for your injuries, you do not have to pay our attorneys’ fees.

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