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Employment law is complex. We can help you sort it out.

Employment and labor law is an intricate network of interrelated laws, regulations and judicial rulings. It governs virtually all aspects of the employer/employee relationship. Unfamiliarity with the restrictions imposed by statute, regulation or judicial precedent can give rise to costly litigation or the forfeiture of rights given to employers and employees. At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, we can assist both employers and employees in navigating the maze of employment and labor laws and help them address disputes which arise during the course of the employment relationship. We are comfortable, confident, and experienced in prosecuting the rights of our clients in proceedings before administrative boards, commissions, grievance panels, arbitrators and judicial courts.

The sometimes confusing interplay which exists between the various state and federal employment laws can be shown in the case of a State of Illinois employee who believes they were wrongfully fired. That employee may have several options available to them should they wish to challenge their discharge. For example, if the employee falls within the jurisdiction of an administrative agency such as the Illinois Civil Service Commission or the Illinois Secretary of State’s Merit Commission, the employee may file an appeal with the appropriate administrative agency which will result in the agency convening a hearing to determine whether “just cause” for the employee’s discharge exists. If the employee is a union employee, they may ask their union to file a grievance on their behalf alleging that they were discharged in violation of the provisions of their union’s collective bargaining agreement. Or, if the employee feels their discharge was the product of illegal employment discrimination, they may file a charge of discrimination with an appropriate administrative agency as a precursor to filing suit in court. Each of those options have different deadlines which must be met and steps which must be satisfied. Equally important, the remedies available under the various options differ and choosing one option may preclude the employee from obtaining a remedy which is available under one of the other options. At Gates Wise Schlosser & Goebel, we can, and will, explain the benefits and potential pitfalls of each option based upon the facts of each case and assist our clients in choosing the option which presents them with the best likelihood of success.

Preventive measures are invaluable. We can help you implement them.

Employment and labor law litigation can be lengthy and time consuming. We will work with you or your organization to develop comprehensive policies to ensure that you comply with local, state, and federal laws. We pride ourselves on being available for our clients to answer any questions or address any issues that may help them avoid litigation. We are also experienced in conducting internal investigations for the purpose of discovering and addressing employee misconduct.

We can expertly represent your interests in an employment dispute.

Our expertise allows us to skillfully represent both employers and employees in litigation. We have assisted clients with investigations undertaken by state or federal agencies. We have also successfully represented employees who have been wrongfully discriminated, disciplined, or discharged by employers. Our experience allows us to be aggressive advocates for our clients before administrative boards and commissions, as well as state and federal courts.

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